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Attention: New PCAs/Workers hired as of January 1, 2014 are required to participate in the MassHealth PCA New Hire Orientation developed by the PCA Workforce Council. Failure to do will result in $2/hour reduction in PCA pay and will continue to be sanctioned until this orientation is complete.

The orientation can be easily completed online (click here—goes to ) or by calling Home Care Training Benefit at (877) 409-8283 to register for a group orientation in your area. Once confirmation is received that the worker has completed orientation, the worker will receive 3 hours of pay.


If the worker has had their pay sanctioned, all of their wages will be returned if the orientation is completed within 60 days of their sanction start date. If the orientation is still not completed within 60 days of their sanction start date, all of the wages withheld will be forfeited and unable to be returned.


Workers under the CDC and MFP are not required to do the PCA Orientation at this time. Any worker that was hired prior to January 1, 2014 is also not required to complete the orientation.


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