Therapeutic Riding Programs

Horseback riding and equine related therapies use the horse as the therapy tool. The horses gait mimics the gait of the human body, when sitting upright on the horse the body receives similar input as it would if the person was physically walking by working the muscles of the rider. Therapeutic horseback riding impacts cognitive, physical development, behavioral, social, and emotional benefits to children with disabilities. Participants are taught riding skills using adaptive equipment and teaching methods in a supportive, interactive, and fun atmosphere that doesn’t feel like its “Therapy”. Instructors and therapists often see improvement in overall core strength, posture, hand-eye coordination, range of motion, decreased behaviors, and increased awareness when engaged with the horse, instructor, and volunteers in the fun and interactive surroundings of the barn.

Tempus Unlimited​ has partnered with the following therapeutic riding programs:

Wellspring Farm, Ironstone Farm, Friends for Tomorrow, Greenlock, The Bridge center, Lil’ Folk Farm, and Mass Hospital School.

Service area: Servicing the state of Massachusetts​

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